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Imagine feeling more like your absolute BEST SELF. Massage and Bodywork brings us in touch with who we truly are and where we're truly at. It helps us stay focused on our goals. Our BEST SELF is today's version of that vision.

I am offering advanced sessions in therapeutic and holistic massage, polarity therapy, Reiki and RYSE, as well as several classes and workshops. 

Massage Therapy: the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Massage is proven to relax the body and mind. See more about it on the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab. My specialties are deep tissue, Swedish, therapeutic, side lying, pregnancy and other "special care" clients, utilizing a wide variety of techniques to suit your personal needs and preferences. Clients often comment that my pressure was "perfect"; I have the strength to go deeply and the mindfulness to not rush or hurt you. No charge to add some heat to your sessions: towels, rice packs, heating pad. HOT STONE MASSAGE add $30 (that's a LOT of set-up and towels) 

Polarity Therapy: an approach to wellness that includes diet, yoga and bodywork. Polarity Therapy sessions deal with ANY and EVERY issue you may be working on. Polarity can be received with clothing on and is focused on the freeing the feedback systems of the body (the nervous, skeletal, and endocrine systems) so we can better receive and send clear messages from our being. You will be touched, you will feel relaxed, you will feel more like your best self. See more about it on my "Article" tab. Clients appreciate my intuitive awareness and ability to cut through an issue and explore and discover the energetic root. Gentle yet powerful! 

Reiki: Rei (Universal) Ki (Life Force) Gentle flow of life force energy directed toward chakras and any area of the body and mind. So soothing and healing.

RYSE Tools for Life (TM) Realize Your Sublime Energies: Tools, techniques and deep energetic clearings with each level to get so much more of what you want out of your Life! Ask me about this too!


Session fees: 

$90 for 60 minutes 

$105 for 75 minutes 

$120 for 90 minutes 

$75 for 45 minute distance session 

Add HOT STONE to your total time and 30 minutes of your session will be devoted to hot stone massage $30

Special Care Home Visits add $45 for a set-up/travel fee for up to 60 minutes ROUND TRIP travel. Farther distances will be calculated on an individual basis.


  • Please plan on up to 20 minutes for new client's and 10-15 minutes for repeat client's intake and exit interviews for most sessions.
  • See "Classes" tab for class fees.

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Add home visit$+45 / 60 minutes
Add hot stone$+30 / 30 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$90 / 60 minutes
Distance Session Energy Field Reading and Repair$75 / each
Individual RYSE session$90 / 60 minutes
Integrative Bodywork$150 / 120 minutes
Integrative Bodywork$120 / 90 minutes
Integrative Bodywork$105 / 75 minutes
Integrative Bodywork$90 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$90 / 60 minutes
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