Betsy Powell-Pelrine
Enhancing MOVEMENT in your life!


Hello and Welcome.

My name is Betsy Powell-Pelrine and I am offering services in therapeutic and holistic massage, polarity therapy, Reiki and RYSE. I have over 35 years experience working with patients and clients who are coping with stress and recovering from injury.  

Muscles attach to bone to move the skeleton. Muscles can also get stuck and basically freeze the skeleton. Movement is the key to unlocking chronic pain and bringing some relief. Massage and bodywork along with hydration and exercise are vital components for enhancing movement in your life. Whether the cause is physical or mental, massage and bodywork services can be combined for a comprehensive, integrated session with real and quite often, immediate and lasting results.

Let's face it, life can be challenging. How we choose to respond to events like aging, injury, job and relationship concerns, etc. is often our only real option to prevent or recover from any type of stress. Good news! Receiving bodywork regularly helps us stay focused and connected to our best self so we get what we truly want out of life. We can move forward when we have a healthy attitude and positive outlook.

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